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The Carved Wooden Doors of Stone Town
August 05, 2007

Spice World :: A Zanzibar Gallery

Les Toits De PalmLes Toits De Palm

Breakfast on the Beach - Kendwa, ZanzibarBreakfast on the Beach - Kendwa, Zanzibar

Ho Hum, The life of a backpackerHo Hum, The life of a backpacker

Traditional Fishing Dhow - KendwaTraditional Fishing Dhow - Kendwa

Donna's got her groove backDonna's got her groove back

Les Toits De Palm - Kendwa, ZanzibarLes Toits De Palm - Kendwa, Zanzibar

See, I can swim...See, I can swim...

Tammy, Andrew & Dixon at Scuba DoTammy, Andrew & Dixon at Scuba Do

The Trusty  CruiserThe Trusty Cruiser

Andrew, Your reliable Dive BuddyAndrew, Your reliable Dive Buddy

Donna Climbing aboard the Dive BoatDonna Climbing aboard the Dive Boat

The Night DiveThe Night Dive

Local fisherman at Kendwa, ZanzibarLocal fisherman at Kendwa, Zanzibar

Sexy GirlSexy Girl

An Upmarket resort further up the beachAn upmarket resort further up the beach

Matt - The Beach BumMatt - The Beach Bum

Andrew - Kendwa Lunch

Do not disturbDo not disturb

40 winks, Stone Town Style40 winks, Stone Town Style

Stone Town - infested by  catsStone Town - infested by cats

Walking through the alleys around Stone Town

Night time street food markets - Forodhani GardensNight time street food markets - Forodhani Gardens, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Beach Soccer - Stone TownBeach Soccer - Stone Town

Street Kids Punching onStreet Kids Punching on

Mercury's, Stone Town, ZanzibarMercury's, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Zanzibar HarbourZanzibar Harbour

Bloody CatsBloody Cats

African Construction technicques leave a lot to be desiredAfrican construction techniques leave a lot to be desired

a picture of relaxationA picture of relaxation

Outdoor education - Zanzibar styleOutdoor education - Zanzibar style

Zanzibar - taken from the Pemba FerryZanzibar - As seen from the Pemba Ferry

The old Omani Fort, Stone Town, ZanzibarThe old Omani Fort, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town

Stone Town

Stone Town

Dinner by Hurricane Lamp

A Zanzibar Spice TourA Zanzibar Spice Tour

Street Urchins, ZanzibarStreet Urchins, Zanzibar

Modern Transport, ZanzibarModern Transport, Zanzibar

Modern Transport, Zanzibar

Mace & NutmegMace & Nutmeg

Do I look like a tourist?Do I look like a tourist?

The Sultan's Architecture remind you of anything?The Sultan's Architecture remind you of anything?

A Lipstick BerryA Lipstick Fruit

Mr Mito's Spice Tour's Mito's Spice Tour's

Dalla Dalla's in ZanzibarDalla Dalla's in Zanzibar

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The beaches and water look so inviting

SB - 23 September, 2007

Those long-shorts (or short-longs) must be wearing a bit thin by this. They do suit you though!

Will - 02 September, 2007


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