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The Train from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa, Sudan
December 03 , 2007


Khartoum - how to go on about this city. We have nothing but good things to say about Sudan, and Khartoum was no exception. Although the days were unbearably hot, the mornings and evenings were refreshingly cool. We spent our time doing very little formal touristy activities aside from visiting the National Museum which, at 50 cents each was an absolute bargain.

We took a little excursion to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and for the grand fee of - nothing, I was able to procure a photography permit allowing me to take photos in Sudan. With this in hand we went out to the confluence of the Blue and White Niles to get the perfect photo - however, unlike what we had read, you couldn't see the different colours of blue and brown running side by side at all - we did however take several photos to prove so. No this wasn't as easy as simply taking a snap - the best view is from a bridge, and like most infrastructure elements in Sudan - this meant police with big guns. Not wanting to get arrested - we asked the police if we could take a photo of the niles, they abruptly said no, where upon I whipped out my permit (with donna begging me not to make a fight out of it). This was shown to the officer in charge who - after umming and ahhing agreed to our request, even giving us a police escort to take us out to the best vantage point.

Our last mission in Khartoum was getting away - we managed to get ourselves out to the North Khartoum train station where, although they were not selling train tickets, we did manage to procure what we hoped was two first class tickets aboard the ferry from Wadi Halfa in Sudan's North, to Aswan in southern egypt. A few days later we returned and, with the help of some friendly locals managed to avoid the queues and get two first class tickets aboard the train from Khartoum North to Wadi Halfa. Originally we had planned to slum it with the regular folk, however being a strictly Muslim Country we would have to sit in separate carriages in all but 3rd class or in a sleeper, still recovering from Malaria 2 - rest and recuperation were definitely in order.

All that's left now is 50 dusty hours heading directly north...

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