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Jackass Penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa
February 25, 2007

South African Wildlife Gallery

24th April 2007 - Whilst we saw the Big 5 in Kruger National Park, the photos of the leopard and lion are not clear enough to post on the web. I am now on a mission to make sure we see these again so they can be added to the gallery. We have seen many weird and wonderful animals, some we are not sure what they are, so if you can assist in indentifying them that would be great.

African HoopoeAfrican Hoopoe

African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle

White RhinoWhite Rhino

White Rhino

Chacma BaboonChacma Baboon

Species UnknownSpecies Unknown




LizardI think this is either a Rock or a Monitor Lizard - any idea?

Wild DogWild Dog

Anyone know this chick? Helmeted Guinea Fowl Chicks

Secretary BirdSecretary Bird

Waterbuck - identifiable by a big white target on its rumpWaterbuck - identifiable by a big white target on its rump

Unknown SpeciesSouthern Yellow-Billed Horn Bill

Cape Glossy Starling

Lilac-breasted RollerLilac-breasted Roller

African ElephantAfrican Elephant

Saddle-Billed StorkSaddle-Billed Stork

Unknown SpeciesSouthern Ground Hornbill



Helmeted GuineafowlHelmeted Guineafowl



Spotted HyaenaSpotted Hyaena

This little fella blended in well - unknown species

This little fella blended in well - unknown species

Blue Wildebeest


15th April - Some updates, not the complete Big 5 but we are getting closer.

Flightless Dung Beetle Flightless Dung Beetle

Cape Buffalo Cape Buffalo

Red Hartebeest Red Hartebeest

Male KuduMale Kudu

African ElephantAfrican Elephant

African Elephant


Burchell's Zebra Burchell's Zebra

African Penquins, Boulders Beach - Simons TownAfrican Penquins, Boulders Beach - Simons Town

African Penquins, Boulders Beach - Simons Town

LizardOn the way to Just Nusiance's grave we were attacked by this man-eater!

Butterfly in Langa Township - Cape FlatsButterfly in Langa Township - Cape Flats

Bird atop Table Mountain

Rock Dassie, Admirals Waterfall, Simons TownSpot the Rock Dassie (whose closest living relative is the African Elephant!!!).
With a collapsable rib-cage these critters can squeeze into very tight spaces. We see 2, how many can you count?

Turtle in Gardens at Gouderest, Stellebosch Turtle in Gardens at Gouderest, Stellebosch

Ostrich, OudtshoornWhat are you looking at ?

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  Amazing animals and great shots Mate!!!

The Savage Barbarian - March 15, 2007

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