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Jackass Penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa
February 12, 2007

One Way Ticket

I flew from Dubai to Qatar which was a simple little trip, followed by a mad scramble in Doha to catch my connection down to Johannesburg. At Jozi, 90% of the passengers disembarked, as well as our crew. Eventually a new crew turned up and after about 5 head counts we were back on our way west to Cape Town.

If you read my previous post about Doha you would know my thoughts on women in Qatar, or the lack thereof. Somehow, between Doha and South Africa, the Qatar Airways flight mysteriously populated with young western women, strange but true. It was probably also at this stage, an hour outside of Capetown airport that the first true realisation hit me. What the hell was I getting my self into.

On arrival at Capetown, it was a simple matter of collecting my pack, no hour long delays like in India or Sri Lanka, then a quick stamp of the passport (no fees or forms for aussies) and straight through customs without a second glance.

I had arrived at around 9am, yet Donna's flight wasn't scheduled to arrive until 7:40 that night. Even though I had had a week in Qatar to de-stress, we decided to spend our first week in Africa in a small beach side town, somewhere quiet to just kick back and relax. I hadn't seen Donna in over a month, so rather than cruising straight into Capetown we decided to spend a week in Simonstown. This meant that I had a whole day to kill in Capetown International Airport before our transport arrived.

After checking my bags into the left luggage facility, i chowed down on a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, took a walk around the airport, then read for a bit, by that stage 10am rolled around, very very slowly.

The only solution to a day like this is do what comes naturally, I hit the airport pub around lunch time, downed some of South Africa's finest (thats an S to the list and my first taste of Castle Draught), then moved out to a patch of lawn where I kipped down for an hour or two. When I woke I ducked back to the pub for another pint, where a local was kind enough to inform me that I was waiting in the wrong terminal and that Donna would actually be arriving in the Domestic Terminal at the other end of the airport.

I quickly grabbed my gear and legged it to the Domestic Arrivals where our Transport was already waiting and Donna's plane was just touching down. Perfect timing some would say.

Donna arrived a tad weary after 24 hours in the air, she had left Melbourne at 5 in the morning to get to the airport in time for her 8am departure, after a series of delays she barely made her Sydney connection, then just made it through immigration and customs in Johannesburg to get to the domestic terminal, and catch her final flight onto capetown.

Thanks to our pre arranged transport it was a simple drive down to Simonstown where we checked into the Simonstown Backpackers.

Our arrival in Africa was complete,

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