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Rwanda :: Land of a thousand hills
AUGUST 09 , 2007

Donna & Matt Set Land Speed Record

After our Bus Ride from Hell, we swore black and blue never to get on another night bus, and aside from our mission trip from Nairobi into Rwanda we have stuck to our guns. Getting onboard the Government bus from Rubungera to Gisenyi at two in the afternoon we thought we were safe - little did we know the roads in Rwanda are not all built by the Chinese.

I would like to state first and foremost that the bus did not break down once, it was only an hour late in arriving at our pickup and aside from the first hour where we were bashed around a bit (standing up in the luggage cage in the rear before we were given seats) it was relatively comfortable.

It was just slow. We crawled those 92km's over roads that were more suitable for a 4x4 than a big city bus. Our arrival time - 9pm, I think seven hours for 92km's surely sets a new land speed record for a non-stop, unbroken journey... oh and some kid vommited all over Donna's bag.

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God l do hope you scrubbed your bag!!! If l was sitting there and saw the vomit l would have topped it up for sure - yep even nurse's spew!!

Stella - November 03, 2007


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