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Rocky mountains around Fujeriah - UAE
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February 10, 2007 -

Living the Dream

Starting in February 2007, we begin what we believe will be the trip of our lifetimes. Having both quit our jobs, we are taking an extended sabbatical to explore the world. One way tickets to South Africa, passports with plenty of empty pages, no set plans and all the time we need - watch out world, here we come!

After Matt de-stresses for a week in Qatar, we kick off the journey proper; meeting up in Capetown, South Africa we will drift around for a while, then, weather and interest prevailing, we will move north through Eastern Africa. In order to travel as long as possible, we are traveling on a budget, this means no unnecessary flights and many hours spent on long distance buses or the occasional train ride.

With the plan being to have no plan, we do however intend to travel light - one backpack and a small day pack each. No hairdryer, no makeup and definitely not one pair of shoes per outfit! Hmmm, this should be interesting. I wonder how long it will take before we stop taking notice of how much we smell.

With so many warnings about safety, 'travel training' has incorporated how quickly I can raise my hands above my head, and how many seconds it takes me to hit the deck. I am wondering if immigration will hand over a weapon along with the stamp in my passport.

While, security seems to be the biggest issue for family and friends, those who are a little less aware of current affairs talk mostly about the animals. Everyone has different ideas as to what to expect in Africa, those who have been speak highly of it and others think we are crazy. For us, this as an opportunity to see how other countries and cultures live.

Australia is the best place in the world and will always be home, but for now we want to expand our horizons and see things we have dreamt about for over ten years. I do not know anyone who has seen the gorilla's in Rwanda or climbed mount Kilimanjaro - we want to experience things that we may never have the chance to do again.

Those who know Donna would describe her as bossy, determined, patient, perfectionist, loyal and very cranky when tired. We expect and hope all these will be tested while abroad, however I don't think anyone has mentioned nervous and afraid. She would be lying if she said that she was not nervous about the trip (terrified of not having a plan too - how will I know what to do with the day if it is not planned out?).

On a serious note we will be wandering into the unknown and well out of our comfort zones. We are both worried about personal safety and hope that these fears do not take over enjoying the adventure. 

Donna is also very much a homebody and will miss family and friends terribly. After having just spent one month at home playing catch up and still not having enough time to see everyone, there were tears most of the way to Sydney. Donna hates airports and saying goodbye.

"I wonder how many times I will trip over and Matt will tell me to watch where I am walking or how often I will have a ‘blonde’ moment! These should provide you with some good laughs along the way. I also wonder how Matt will cope without four coffees every morning."

We have a short-list of places to see - See Things To Do - Which we will be updating as we speak to more travelers along the way. For now though, after two and half years in Dubai, its time to just relax and enjoy the ride.

With the whole alphabet of countries to get through, Africa should see at least 14 ticked off.

Living the Dream - Matt and Donna's Around the World Adventure...

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Hey Guys. You are amazing!!!! The travel, the website, the pictures and to top it off the amazing story telling!! Every time I check your website, I feel like I travelled a bit... Why don't you have a picture of you both in the About Us section?

Nasuh - 04 December, 2007

Hi,i have seen your web through lonely planet and I'm sure you now can walk as a tour agent because you almost know what to sell in this world. Anyway that is my feeling to you

Anonymous - 03 September, 2007

Hi there, Great webpage. We like the design and interesting details. We stumbled on your webpage through Thorntree and we are doing something similar to you (quit job, traveling for a year+) but we are from the Caribbean and we started in West Africa. We are in Lagos, Nigeria and are now trying to decide if we should cross over from DRC through Uganda to East Africa to catch some of the migration of the wildebeeest and to climb Kilimanjaro before it is too late. We have a few questions and wondered if you would be willing to give us your thoughts and suggestions. Let us know.

Andrew and Bertha - 03 September, 2007

P.S. How do you manage to keep up the webpage while traveling?

Hello Matt and Donna. You seem to be having wonderful time. Go for it! (as the kids say).

David - Aug 03, 2007

FANTASTIC!!! What an awesome site and what an amazing time you must be having. Be safe and enjoy it like you have been!!

Ruth - May 25, 2007

Hi guys, I really admire your "travel plan". quite frankly Ibelieve that's the way to explore this beautiful planet of ours. "without time constraints and without a plan." real cool. enjoy your travel.

Kannan Lee - May 22, 2007

Hey Guys, You sure do now how to make people back home extremely envious! Looks like your having a fantastic trip, can't wait to read more, and hopefully catch up with you later in the year somewhere in Europe, if that is in fact where you are at the time!

Tige - April 14, 2007

Hi Matt and Donna!! We would like to wish you wonderful travels. We look foward to you sharing your experiences through beer and biryani.

Andrew & Kath - February 09, 2007


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