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Rocky mountains around Fujeriah - UAE
Our Gear
February 10, 2007 -

Our Gear

Over the last year we've spent a lot of time researching and revising our packing list. Unfortunately, living in Dubai means there is very little in the way of quality outdoor gear so a lot of time was spent online.

The rough plan is to be on the road for anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, traveling anywhere from Africa and the middle east to South East Asia, so we've tried to cover all areas with as little gear as possible. We're doing this light and on the cheap so what ever we bring, we may have to carry.

Thanks to Donna's extraordinary organizing skills and that wonderful piece of software called excel, the final packing list was broken down into Clothing, General Gear and accessories, Toiletries, Medicine and First Aid, Technical Stuff, and Documentation.

With a brief trip back to Aus we managed to pick up a Kathmandu Pack each (Interloper 2), Donna's is approx 65 L, mine is approx 75L. These come with Day packs strapped to the front which Donna will use, I've swapped mine for a Crumpler Backpack to store the Laptop and Camera Gear safely.

Insurance wise we opted for STA's Comprehensive Package, Luckily - its for travelers, not tourists. It wasn't cheap, but it covers our bigger items and can be renewed along the way if we go over 12 months.

Flights wise, we've opted for one way tickets into Cape Town, without knowing when we will be leaving africa, from where or from where to, this is the easiest way for us to travel.


Matt Donna
4 t-shirts 1 t-shirts
3 long sleeved shirts 5 singlets
6 Boxer Shorts 2 short sleeve shirts
10 Socks 1 long sleeved shirt
1 Pair Jeans 5 knickers
1 Pair Cargo pants 1 bathers
2 Pair Shorts 2 bras
1 Belt 2 skirts
1 Woolen Jumper 5 Socks
1 Thermal long johns 1 pj's (boxers & top)
1 Thermal Top 1 Pair green pants
1 floppy hat 1 Pair Cargo Pants
1 travel towel 1 Pair Cargo Shorts
1 Blundstone Boots Belt
1 Flip Flops Fleece Jumper
Thermal long johns
Thermal Top
Baseball Cap
1 travel towel
1 Lowa Hiking Boots
1 Flip Flops

General Gear

lip balm 2 Sleeping Bag
sun cream 2 Silk Sheet
sunglasses Mozzie Net
insect repellant Laundry Bags
Lonely Planet Africa on a Shoe String


head lamp (led) extra shoelaces x2
clothes line Silkapil
fishing line Small sewing kit
Swiss Army Knife duct tape
mini mag light CD Pen
frisbee Guidebook
playing cards novels x 2
pen and notebook splitter for MP3 player
Carabeenas x4 money pouches
safety pins Leatherman Multi-purposeTool


1 tube toothpaste nail clippers
2 toothbrushes nail file
1 all purpose liquid soap tweezers
1 Shampoo q-tips
1 Conditioner deoderant
1 Cleansor Hair ties & pins
1 Moisturiser Comb
2 wet wipes

Medicine & First Aid

Medicine First Aid Kit
Immodium Antiseptic Cream
Brufin Scissors
Malaria Tablets (Mefloquine) Fine Tweezers
General Antibiotic (Doxycyclin) Bandage Tape
AntiHistamenes Bandaids
Canastan Gauze
Needles and srynges
burn patches
graze patches
safety pins

Technical Stuff

Waterproof Digital Camera with charger (Olympus u720sw) Lens cleaner (air)
11inch Sony Vaio laptop with charger Camera tripod
Blank DVD's x3 mp3 player
Canon 350 D DSLR + 300mm Lens Spare camera batteries x2
Spare memory cards
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