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Sunday, October 27, 2006

Land of the Tiger

A four day public holiday during the Islamic Month of Ramadan was the perfect excuse to pack the bags and head to sunny/stormy Sri Lanka.

Australian Government Travel warning
We advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Sri Lanka at this time because of ongoing civil unrest, the volatile security situation and the very high risk of terrorist attacks.

Tensions between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are high. There has been a significant escalation in the number of serious incidents of politically motivated violence, including in tourist areas in the centre and south. On 18 October 2006, a suspected LTTE attack at Galle harbour killed at least 16 and injured several people.

Those that know me, know that i'm not normally found frolicking in the waves, let alone anywhere near the beach. Where better place to go for a week long vacation then, than a 5 star beach resort in the middle of a country on the verge of civial war.

Thanks to a little trouble up north, there was not a tourist to be found, and a swag of friendly locals ready to please.

The mornings, perfect sunshine, blue skies and a empty beaches as far as the eye can see. The afternoons, frosty Lion Lager watching the tail end of a monsoon.

Nothing more to say.

Beer of choice: Lion Lager

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