About us

What is Beer & Biryani?
Inspired by our regular Monday night Beer & Biryani sessions at Shank’s place (or as we like to call it, the Shank Ri La), watching re-runs of Michael Palin DVD’s, we have packed in our Jobs, and are currently preparing for an extended “Sabatical” from work to travel around the world.

The Plan
The first question most people ask, including Donna on the odd occasion, is “What’s your plan”. Quite simply, there is no plan, we’ll fly into Cape Town, South Africa in early February 2007, and from there what happens will be purely incidental. All we know is that we have no time constraints, and an inkling to go overland all the way to Egypt. After that who knows, the Sub Continant, South East Asia, and the Americas all have entries on the Things To Do list.

A Little On Us
We (Matt and Donna) are in our late 20′s and hail from the best damn country in the world, Australia.

The Site
The site was built for our friends and family as a way to keep in touch, and everyone who knows Matt knows he’s no good at sending emails. Hopefully this site will be updated once every month or so so his mother knows he’s still alive.

Beer & Biryani

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