The following links are of some sites that we found useful during our travels, or just downright amusing.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – Nairobi, Kenya
A great wildlife organisation committed to ensuring flora and fauna are around for generations to come.  You can also foster an orphan elephant!

Langata Giraffe Centre- Nairobi, Kenya
Get up close and personal with the Rothschild giraffe.  The centre allows you to hand feed and even kiss the giraffe!

Stumble Inn -  Stellenbosch, South Africa
A backpackers with excellent customer  service,  clean rooms, internet, self-catering, swimming pool and many chill out areas. We highly recommend the Easy Rider Wine Tour.

Backpackers Paradise – Oudtshoorn,  South Africa
It does feel like paradise -  a quiet, peaceful atmosphere  with lots of space to relax, read a book, play a game or watch tv.  With helpful and friendly staff, comfy beds,   internet, the best self-catering facilities we have seen to date  and very tasty meals, what more could you ask for?

Malealea Lodge -  Malealea, Lesotho
Malealea lodge is integrated with the the local  village and is a truly special place to stay.

Away with the  Fairies – Hogsback, South Africa
A magical place, when the clouds are low and the mist has  set in, you really can picture fairies and gnomes dancing around the  garden.  Excellent meals – first time we  tried warthog chops and they were delicious!

Buccaneers  Backpackers & Lodge – Cintsa,   South Africa
A beachside retreat nestled in amongst the hillside.  Excellent for relaxing and catching your breath.  You must try the chocolate slice thingy – it  is to die for.

Lebos Backpackers  – Soweto, South Africa
Run by locals who have a great deal of pride in the  accommodation and tours they offer.  The  service was amazing and the bike ride through Soweto was very interesting.

Tofo Scuba – Tofo, Mozambique
The team were extremely friendly and up beat.  We completed our open water PADI course and  were impressed with the attention to detail and level of care – as a first time  diver it really calmed the nerves!  Was  also our first time seeing whale sharks and manta rays……………pure magic.

Zombie Cucumber – Vilanculos, Mozambique
Steph really knows how to cook up a storm!  We found it hard to leave when she kept  cooking family favourites such as apple crumble and shepard’s pie.  A good spot to base yourself for trips to the  surrounding islands.  Steph and John are  very friendly and the rooms including the circular dorm are comfortable.

The Mushroom Farm - Livingstonia, Malawi
WOW!  Rather than  shooting straight through from Nkhata Bay, Malawi to Mbeya,   Tanzania, stop  off at The Mushroom Farm which is on the hill towards Livingstonia.  The views are amazing.  Rooms are very comfortable and the shower has  an amazing view.  Definitely on our ‘return  to list’.

Scuba Do -  Kendwa, Zanzibar
Tammy is a barrel of laughs and loves every aspect of diving. h

Ahsante Tours – Moshi, Tanzania
100% professional from the first email we received.  Attention to detail, patience and great  attitude.  Well done guys!

Baller Dot Com – Dubai, UAE
A common misconception is that the word “Baller” was created by today’s hip hop / R&B stars however this website will allow you to view the true history of the word and its origin.

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