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Bath, England
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Black Saturday »
Matt and Donna's wedding 07 February 2009
What better day to get married than the hottest day in Victoria's recorded history, with the worst bushfires as a spectacular Yarra Valley backdrop.

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It's Mac Time »
Mac Time - Luxor, Karnak and the Valley of the Kings 03 December 2007
Think of me as a fool, but after travelling all the way overland from South Africa to Egypt, the first thing on my mind when arriving in Luxor was getting myself a Big Mac...

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Temple Fever »
Temple Fever - Edfu 13 December 2007
After visting Abu Simble and Philae, a brisk walk through the back streets of Aswan found us again onboard the rails pushing further north into the heartland of Pharonic Egypt...

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Land of the Pharohs »
Land of the Pharohs - Aswan and Abu Simbel 10 December 2007
For those of you following our journey, our last post found us disembarking at the Aswan Ferry terminal after travelling North from Khartoum in the Sudan. Once we cleared immigration and customs Donna and I grabbed our bags and set off into Egypt...

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Old Chuby Legs :: A Gallery from the Sun Temple of Ramses II
Karnak :: Restored
The Pyramids of Giza :: A Gallery
The Dream - Our Cape to Cairo Adventure
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